Dragonroot Radio

dragonroot media

Dragonroot Radio is a magazine that airs every Tuesday from 8h30am to 9am on the Tuesday Morning After show. The magazine focuses on important gender issues, latest news, incredible musical talent, and discussions on cultural happenings. It brings to the airwaves all the amazing work being done in and around the Centre for Gender Advocacy and highlight local female/queer/trans/anti-status quo/feminist musicians.


Dragonroot Radio is a collaboration between CKUT radio and the Centre for Gender Advocacy, and it’s part of a larger initiative called Dragonroot Media, a volunteer-run feminist media collective that aims to produce anti-oppressive media with a gender focus.

The name Dragon Root references the root itself which is symbolically reflective of the fiery, the delicate, the masculine, the feminine and everyone across the gender spectrum.

You can listen to all the shows’ episodes on the website. Also, make sure to follow the magazine on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!