Every weekday from 8h30am to 9am, the Morning After shows and le Lendemain de la Veille play radio magazines on CKUT 90.3Fm.

Magazines are 30min recurring segments produced by Montreal-based groups, organisations or community members. The aim of the Magazines is to make CKUT’s airwaves more accessible by giving a media space to non-CKUT groups to create their own radio content and cover the topics that are important to them.

For this collaborative work, CKUT provides all the technical and interviewing training and the necessary equipment to help the groups create their magazines. The magazines can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on each group.


Bloodworks – 1st and 3d Monday of the month
HIV/AIDS-focused bi-weekly magazine produced by Concordia students in English.

The Climate Show - 2d and 4th Monday of the month
Climate-focused bi-weekly magazine in English.

Dragoonroot Radio - Tuesday
Gender-focused weekly magazine produced by Dragoonroot Media in collaboration with the Centre for Gender Advocacy in English.

Moving Picture Radio – Wednesday
Film-focused weekly magazine in English.

Le Magazine de La Centrale – 1st Thursday of the month
Monthly magazine produced by La Centrale Galerie in French.

Poids du Profit – 2d Thursday of the month
Workers-focused monthly magazine produced by CISO in French. 

Des Sorcières comme les autres - 3d Thursday of the month
Monthly Feminist magazine produced by Des Sorcières comme les autres in French.

Out of the Fog - 1st Friday of the month
Adoption-focused monthly magazine produced in english in collaboration with the Ethiopian Adoptees of the Diaspora.

Scientifica Radio - 2d and 4th Friday of the month
Science-focused Biweekly magazine in English.