Daybreaker : Powered by and for women

After a special edition in Montreal last year, Daybreaker presents its first epic morning hack of 2017 in Montreal on Saturday April 1st at the Fairmount Theatre. A day dedicated to fitness party with deep house yoga, dance and feel-good entertainment. Powered this year by and for women.


Co-founded by Radha Agrawal, originally from Montreal and Mathew Brimmer, originally from New York, this Daybreaker movement started from a small social experiment to a big movement connecting humans.

Over a late-night falafel in Williamsburg, we mused over an idea. An idea about dancing before the day broke with people we love.  Daybreaker has grown from a small social experiment and an art project with our friends in the basement of a NYC coffee shop to a movement connecting incredible humans locally and globally who choose to live life differently‘ – Radha Agrawal and Matthew Brimer

 Self-Expression, Wellness, Mindfulness and Mischief :

Daybreaker is an early morning dance movement and inspirational lifestyle brand producing “clean clubbing” events in 16 cities around the world.
The concept is to offer a new party vibe experience and reinventing the nightlife to day life by creating anti-social morning.
An event which combines dance and immersive theater with the promise of no Hangover.

Dancing sober in community during the morning is amazing for your health and happiness because it helps release your brain’s natural “happy chemicals.”’

Yoga and deep house dance

The event is going to be divided in two parts. First, a yoga session by Luna Collective and then a party from 11 am to 1 pm. A deep house dance party is scheduled with special guest DJ. All of that and more.

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