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About Town : March – April events

March-April Listings
Learn about the latest events taking place in Montreal

// March 4
Bloquons l’extrême droite islamophobe ! Stop the Racist Far-Right
Massimadi 9, 2 icônes des 90s : Rude + Welcome to Africaville

// March 5
Syrian Children’s Art Show
Atelier des Nouveaux Membres / New Members Orientation
Sarah Mangle’s Look at These Hands : Opening Party

// March 6 – 15 : Israeli Apartheid Week

// March 6
Alternative Media, Book & Print Fair
Profiling Arabs and Muslims in Canada: A Historical Perspective
Margie Gillis – Le Projet Heritage

// March 7
Muslim Solidarity Rally
Taking What We Need Presents : Golden Shrimp Lollipop

// March, 8 : Documentaire ”Hija de la laguna” (Pérou)

// March 9 :
I Was There ! : Celebrating Montreal Hip Hop
Étranges créatures / Fantastic creatures
Fundraise hip-hop show for Solidarity Accross Borders
Vernissage ”L’intemporalité du corps” -> Exhibition until // March 28

// March 10 :
5 à 7 MENA UdeM
Holding Space : Fighting back against Islamophobia through art
Réalisme Climatique / Climate Realism International Colloquium
This is Gay Propaganda : LGBT Rights & The War in Ukraine – MTL

// March 11 :  McGill CHSP – Women’s Health Conference

// March 11 : Bringing BDS Home: Current BDS Campaigns and Our Local Terrain

// March 12 : Apartheid 101 : Israel, Palestine, colonialism & global apartheid

// From march 14 until 12 april : Caligula, Albert Camus, René Richard Cyr. TNM.

// March 15 : Pic nique contre la brutalité policière

// March 17 :
Causerie publique avec A. Woodfox et R. King des Angola 3
Women in the Quran

// March 18 – 19 : Salon du disque et des arts underground

// March 18 : Uzuri : The Journey

// March 19 : Montreal’s 194th consecutive St Patrick’s parade

//March 21 : Soirée courts-métrages LGBTQ Short movies Night- TAKE 2!

//March 21-March 23: Mcgill Tribune Journalism and media conference

//March 21 : soirée de lancement 10+10 Visages du Cinéma québecois. Exposition jusqu’au 23 avril. Cinémathèque québecoise. 

//March 21 : Mardi CulturelTD – Embodiment – Performances électroacoustiques. Arsenal Montreal.

//March 21-March 25 : Temps incongrus- Espace projet

// March 21 : Rescheduled-Concordia Hip Hop presents the Loop Sessions. John Molson school of business.

//March 22 : Le ciné-club : Soirée Spéciale GIF, Art Lounge MTL

// March 22 : Tell Your Tale, Little Bird. Film screening with Arab Lutfy.

// March 22-March 25 : Battlefield – Peter Brook et Marie-Hélène Estienne.

// March 23 : L’art de s’exprimer / the art of expression 

// March 23- April 1 : Festival International du film sur l’art.

// March 24 : Nuit des débats à la fonderie Darling.

// March 25 : Journée international de l’endométriose.

// March 25ZUGATHON (Zumba, Yoga and Dance Party!), from 2 pm to 5 pm, Concordia University – Loyola Campus, FC Building, Loyola Chapel

// March 26 : Marche pour l’égalité organisée par semaine d’actions contre le racisme et pour une comission sur le racisme systemique. 

// March 27-march 31: Sexual Assault Awareness Week

//March 28 : Our Stories: Queer and Christian Without Contradiction

// March 28 : Décoloniser le féminisme: intersectionnalité et antiracisme, Uqam

// March 29 : Rap Battle Against Consumerism

// March 30 : Marilou Gagnon : Reflexions critiques sur les effets secondaires//March 30 : Atelier Zine/ Zine Workshop. Centre communautaire LGBTQ de Montréal. 

//March 31 : La nuit de l’art : an Art Open House.

// April 1 : Daybreaker, Fairmount Theatre

//April 3 : Montreal premiere of the film With this ring. Concordia University.

// April 3 : 6@8 sur les personnes trans, 4245 av. Laval 

// April 12 : screening Creative Minds In Action (about stigma and mental health), 5-7 pm, Institute of community and family psychiatry








The 13th edition of Israeli Apartheid Week has started


From March 6 to 15, Israeli Apartheid Week is organized in over 150 cities worldwide including Montreal. During IAW panels, workshops, film screenings, demonstrations and cultural events are set up  so as to educate the public about the realities of colonisation and apartheid in Palestine, and to connect Palestinian activists with local activists working on related issues.

A brief review of  Israeli Apartheid Week history

IAW was first launched in Toronto in 2005 and has grown to become one of the most important global events in the Palestine solidarity calendar. Over the past decade, it has served to bolster the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement which is is a global campaign attempting to increase economic and political pressure on Israel. First, the movement aims at putting an end to Israel’s occupation and colonization of Palestinian land and the Golan Heights. Also, the full equality for Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel is at stake here. In order to give a voice to the Palestinian people, the BDS movement has helped launch local campaigns standing in solidarity with them.

Israeli Apartheid Week in Montreal

In holding Israeli Apartheid Week on occupied Kanien’kehá:ka territory, we must remember that this event series is taking place within an ongoing colonial context. Indeed, drawing the link between apartheid in Israel and in Canada has been a central focus of past and current event series. In Montreal, Israeli Apartheid Week is co-organized by students and community organizers. Events are held on the campuses of McGill, Concordia, UQAM, and UdeM, and across the city.

In opposition to apartheid and occupation

In solidarity with Palestinian resistance

In support of social justice struggles everywhere ”

To know more about what is happening in Montreal this week, here is the Facebook event : and the website related to it

Stay tuned on CKUT 90.3 FM, co-presenting the IAW.