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First Voices Week Concordia (Jan. 30 to Feb 03)


Charlie O’Connor, host of the Friday Morning After show, talks with Olivia Gennarelli, one of the organizers of the First Voices Week, an annual awareness event of Indigenous peoples and communities at Concordia University. This year, the event series is taking place from Jan. 30 to Feb. 03.

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Meat Consumption, an environmental issue

Climate SHow

On this episode of the Climate Show, Zoé and guest Selin Altuntur discuss how reducing meat consumption is an easy way to lower your individual carbon footprint.

The Climate Show is a climate-focused magazine that airs every 2d and 4th Monday of every month on the Monday Morning After show

LISTEN >> The Climate Show: Episode #15

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Chronique BD: L’onirisme et des démons intérieurs


Ramon Vitesse animateur de la Chronique Bande Dessinée du Lendemain de La Veille nous présente 2 nouvelles bandes dessinées sous le thème de l’onirisme et des démons intérieurs :

-Perceval de Anne-Caroline Pandolfo et Terkel Risbjerg publiée par Le Lombard
-Dans la forêt sombre et mystérieuse de Winshluss publiée par Gallimard Jeunesse

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About Town: January/February 2017

January/February Listings!
Learn about the latest events taking place in Montreal: (This list is constantly updated throughout the month)

//Group Show: Internal Landscape (Jan. 12 – Feb. 25)
//Divided Proximities (Jan. 14 – Feb. 25)
//Interventions On The Imaginary (Jan. 14 – Feb. 25)
//Lancement du Spirale hiver 2017 (Jan.18)
//La Place Commune Ruche d’Art Hive Drop-in! (Jan. 19)
//The Dead Web – La fin (Jan. 19 – Feb. 15)
//Seth’s Dominion – Screening + Q&A with Seth and Andrew Hunter (Jan. 20)
//Welcome to Indian Country – Eclectik 2017 – 10e édition (Jan. 20 – 21)
//Actes de souveraineté II / Sovereign Acts II (Jan. 21 – Apr. 01)
//Cora Siré Book Launch (Jan. 24)
//Resilience and Triumph Montreal Book Launch (Jan. 26)
//CKUT Bake Sale! (Jan. 26)
//Workshop: Reporting on Indigenous Topics w/ Emilee Guevara (Jan. 27)
//LIVE! – Is it? It is! Two Nights with Crispin Glover au Ritz (Jan. 27 – 28)
//Arts médiatiques en famille et lumière (Jan. 28)
//Visite guidée avec Cheryl Sim – Wim Delvoye (Jan. 28)
//Gothique kitsch: atelier Portes ouvertes / Open House Workshop (Jan. 29)
//Dr. Danielle Martin Talk & Signing (Feb. 02)
//Artists as Witness (Feb. 03)
//Exposition Scotopia par Emily Pelstring à La Centrale (Feb. 03)
//Black Queer Sex, Love, and Life in the Age of AIDS (Feb. 09)
//Rap Battle Against Police Brutality (Feb. 15)
//Taking a Knee, Taking a Stand: Resistance & Sports In the Age of Trump (Feb. 17)

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