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Orange Shirt Day (Sept. 30)

orange shirt

Six faculty members from the Department of Applied Human Sciences wore their orange shirts at the Concordia Shuffle on September 23.

This morning, the Friday Morning After show talked with Dr. Hilary Rose, associate professor at the Department of Applied Human Sciences – Concordia University, to talk about Orange Shirt Day.

“Orange Shirt Day – Every Child Matters is observed on September 30, to reflect on the time of year when — for over 100 years — aboriginal children were removed from their homes and their families and sent to residential schools. This year, Concordia students, faculty members and staff will be wearing orange T-shirts in recognition of residential school survivors.” Hilary Rose

LISTEN >> Interview with Dr. Hilary Rose

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Montreal Launch of Girl Positive (Sept. 28)

Girl Positive

Brad Simpson from the Friday Morning After show talked with Tatiana Fraser and Caia Hagel, co-authors of a new book entitled: Girl Positive: Supporting Girls to Shape a New World

The Montreal Girl Positive launch, panel & live performances! is taking place on September 28.

LISTEN >> Interview with Tatiana Fraser and Caia Hagel

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McGill’s 15th Annual Pow Wow


Photo by Joshua De Costa

Charlie from the Friday Morning After show attended the 15th Annual McGill Pow Wow that took place on September 16, and talked with Mohawk leader and artist, Ellen Gabriel, and staff member at the Native Friendship Center of Montreal-Centre d’Amitié Autochtone de Montréal., Cedric Vincent.

Charlie also recorded Inuit throat singing performances and speeches given during the event.

LISTEN >> Coverage of the McGill’s 15th Annual Pow Wow

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Rap Battle for Climate Justice (Sept. 28)

rap battle

On the latest episode of the Climate Show, Zoé caught up with Dan Parker and Joshua Clarke, members of Rap Battle for Social Justice, and talked about their upcoming Rap Battle for Climate Justice on September 28.

The Climate Show is a weekly magazine that airs every Monday on the Monday Morning After show at 8:30AM.

LISTEN >> Interview with Dan Parker and Joshua Clarke

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Laments for the Lost Cryers – A Preview of Leila’s Death by Ali Chahrour (Sept. 23-24)

leila's death at cc featival - france

Festival d’Avignon 2016 © Christophe Raynaud de Lage.

Ce que l’humanité a désormais en commun,c’est le fait que nous sommes appelés à vivre exposés les uns aux autres, et non enfermés dans des frontières, des cultures et des identités.” Achille Mbembe

Contemporary technological methods of  deploying information no longer afford  an absolute hiding from reality. (1) That is, at least for a large sector of the population.  Of course “some boys will always be boys” (and continue to live in the crumbling mirage of privileged denial). For many who choose to look beyond the mere mirage, there is an inkling that those who refuse to face the consistent strange mix of beauty and miscreance of our  contemporary world can no longer sustain their denial for much longer.  There will always be those who will continue to play the denial  game and those who see no other option than entering behind or in front -into reality’s matrix. This matrix as both a lair of subterranean beauty and catatonic paradise is all about Immediacy raring its visceral head. A mix of honey and wax, a mix of velvet and furs, some might say.The shifts in this present tense are sudden- the orange glow of reality grows brighter and brighter – it either warm or repels, or both at once.
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War in the Neighbourhood – Interview with Nicole Burton


War in the Neighbourhood is a 1999 Graphic novel by Seth Tobocman that details the artist experience in the lower east-side of New York city in the late 1980s. It’s a legendary tale of squats, cops, and raucous riots.

Today, Ad Astra Comix is hoping to republish this influential graphic novel that touched on various topics still very relevant today.

Sheila from the Wednesday Morning After show talked with book promoter, Nicole Marie Burton, about the importance of this book and the many issues it addresses like gentrification, squatting, anarchism, direct action and homelessness.

LISTEN >> Interview with book promoter, Nicole Marie Burton

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About Town: September 2016

September Listings!
Learn about the latest events taking place in Montreal:
(This list is constantly updated throughout the month)

//Ciné-plage du Village | Soirée courts-métrages Funambules Médias
//Le Milieu Monthly workshops
//Inédits de la Médiathèque – Vanier, Yvon, Duguay, Schendel
//Using Data for Social Justice and Community Based Research
//Vernissage • Exposition 40 ans deboutte
//Double Launch: Pascal Girard & Michel Hellman
//Arranging Flowers: New Pictures by JG
//An evening with Caribou Legs
//Vernissage – PRIX Powerhouse PRIZE 2016
//Soirée féministe et poétique
//Au Pays de la Muraille Enneigée
//Prédecession de notre fougue – Karaoké littéraire
//Outdoor Screening: Disobedience: The Rise of the Global Fossil Fuel Resistance
//Resisting Climate Change: A Conversation with Vanessa Gray, Crystal Lameman and Amanda Lickers
//Rap Battle 4 Climate Justice Workshop w/ Waahli (Nomadic Massive)
//Roland Giguère de main noire à main d’œuvre
//Graphic Novel Book Club: – Sam Alden’s New Construction: Two More Stories.
//Exposition Stephane Defago
//Feminist Stand-up Comedy Night // Open mic
//Automobile, by Lebanese artist and DJ Joe Namy : A celebration of “custom” car audio culture
//Ask & Answer Tour with Vivek Shraya and Chase Joynt
//Conversation / Artist’s talk : Joe Namy + Sundus Abdul Hadi
//Biblioasis Reading with John Metcalf, Leon Rooke, Alice Petersen and Mike Barnes
//Panel Discussion: Organizing Around Anti-Black Racism
//Girl Positive launch, panel and live performances
//Sight & Sound 2016 / Per Capita
//Speaking our Truths: OpenMic on Intersectionality & Sexual Violence
//The Atwater Poetry Project presents Richard Kelly Kemick & Katherine Leyton
//Ross King: Talk & Signing
//Charmaine A. Nelson Book Launch
//Centering the Margins | Intersectionality as Practice w/ Kim Katrin Milan
//PARCours 2016: Coming together to support our communities

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Jeunes Femmes Autochtones: Pourquoi s’engager?


Cette semaine Le Lendemain de la Veille a joué un extrait de la table ronde intitulée: Jeunes femmes autochtones: porteuses d’espoir pour les sept prochaines générations.

Plusieurs jeunes femmes autochtones qui militent pour le respect des droits des peuples autochtones y ont pris la parole et ont partagé leur parcours ainsi que leur réflexion et leur vision de la situation et de l’avenir des peuples autochtones.

Dans cet extrait les participantes répondent à la question suivante: Quelles sont les raisons qui vous ont poussé à vous engager pour la cause autochtone?

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