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Bandes Dessinées: L’Aile Brisée // Mon père était boxeur


Ramon Vitesse nous a parlé ce matin de deux nouvelles bandes dessinées: bandes dessinées: L’Aile Brisée (Éditions Denoël) d’Antonio Altarriba et Kim, et Mon père était boxeur (Futuropolis) de Barbara Pellerin et Vincent Bailly

ÉCOUTEZ >> Chronique BD: L’Aile Brisée & Mon père était boxeur

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Let’s Talk Science with Kids!

Let's Talk Science

Rackeb Tesfaye talks with Kristen Horsley, the McGill chapter coordinator of the award-winning organization Let’s Talk Science.

“Let’s Talk Science is an award-winning, national, charitable organization focused on education and outreach to support youth development. They create and deliver unique learning programs and services that engage children, youth and educators in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).”

LISTEN >> Science Segment – Let’s Talk Science with Kids!

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Our Interview with Whitney French, founder of the Writing While Black tour

Writing While blog

Writing While Black

Tamara Filyavich talks with Whitney French, founder of the Writing While Black tour which is taking place in Montreal today at 6pm at the BLACK THEATRE WORKSHOP!

LISTEN >> Friday Morning After – Interview with  Whitney French

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About Town: August 2016

August Listings!
Learn about the latest events taking place in Montreal:
(This list is constantly updated throughout the month)

//Under Pressure XXI
//Blues du Centre-Sud : Hommage à Josée Yvon
//Ho Tam: Artist as Publisher
//Sommet Noir
//Salon du livre Queer entre les couvertures
//Fierté Afro Pride : Come make your statement
//Art Hives Summer Institute
//Writing While Black
//City Farm Market
//Workshop: Beekeeping!
//TransHackFeminist 2016
//Collective Culture Montreal
//Marché au troc 2016
//South Boogie – Vernissage des oeuvres de Sentwo Figueroa
//Buy & Sell Used Textbooks Consignment Style! [Fall 2016 Edition!]
//Festival des savoirs partagés
//Charmaine A. Nelson Book Launch
//TOTUM Zine Exhibition No.2
//Painting Meet-U


under the pressure

Under Pressure XXI
August 10 to 14

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Phi Center’s Sensory Stories & DHC Gallery’s Joan Jonas’ From Away


Joan Jonas. They Come to Us without a Word, 2015. Installation view, Wind (2014-2015), Room 3, multimedia installation. United States Pavilion, 56th Venice Biennale, Italy. Photo: Moira Ricci, courtesy of the artist

Julian Jaynes’ 1976 book, The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral mind, put forward the hypothesis of  “the loss” (former existence) of a particular function one part of the brain, formerly had. Jaynes hypothesized a brain split in half, one half “speaking”, actively outwardly doing, and the second half receiving, as it were, “listening” and obeying. That in this lost way our brain formerly worked, lateralized into two halves, the one that received “messages”, would then send those messages to the other half of the brain to then act out those messages. Sound vaguely familiar? Yes, ‘hearing voices’, “the bicameral mind was experienced as a different, non conscious mental scheme wherein volition in the face of novel stimuli was mediated through linguistic control mechanism and experienced a auditory verbal hallucination”(Wiki).

But hang on, don’t jump off the wagon of Jaynes’ theory just yet, because it might have some weight when one thinks that before our secular age, hearing godly voices was a (normal) thing. “Rather than making conscious evaluations in a novel or unexpected ways situations, the person would hallucinate a voice or “god” giving admonitory advice or commands and obey without question. “(Wiki). “One would not be at all conscious of one’s own thought processes per se. “ (Wiki)
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Lendemain de la Veille: Qu’est ce que Reddit?

reddit logo

On a tous déjà entendu du site communautaire de partage de liens, Reddit. Mais comment ce site fonctionne-t-il exactement et en quoi diffère-t-il des autres plateformes de partage comme Facebook et Twitter?

Boris Proulx nous explique pourquoi et comment Reddit est devenu un incontournable pour-lui.

ÉCOUTEZ >> Lendemain de la Veille - Qu’est ce que Reddit?

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Climate Change Report / Ep. 4 – Zero-waste coffee shop, Le 5ième

CAfe 5

On this episode of the Climate Show, Simon Banderob interviews Dorion Zephir, co-founder of the soon to be opened zero-waste coffee shop, Le 5ième.

The Climate Show is a weekly magazine that airs every Monday on the Monday Morning After show at 8h30am.

LISTEN >> Monday Morning After – Climate Change Report #4

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Dragonroot Radio: Collective Culture Montreal (Aug. 19 – 21)

CC MTLOn the last episode of Dragonroot Media, the hosts talked with Keesha Chung & NèNè Myriam Konaté about the upcoming CC: MTL!

CC:MTL is an all access weekend that celebrates the voices of innovative BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) in Canada. CC:MTL brings creatives together for conversations, hang outs, performances and parties.

Dragonroot Media is a weekly radio magazine that focuses on gender issues. It airs every week on the Tuesday Morning After show from 8h30am to 9am on CKUT 90.3FM

LISTEN >> Tuesday Morning After – Dragonroot Media – CC: MTL

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