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Wednesday Morning After: Volleyball Tournament to fund sex education program for Montreal Youth


23 bars/restaurants/cafés will compete on Sunday, July 24, during a Volleyball tournament to raise money for the Sense Project, a sex-ed program offered by À deux mains / Head & Hands and created in 2005 to compensate for the Quebec education reforms that eliminated sex education from the curriculum.

To learn more about Head & Hands, the Sense Project and this year’s Volleyball Tournament, the Wednesday Morning After talked with Victoria Pilger the funding and partnerships coordinator for À deux mains / Head & Hands

LISTEN >> Wednesday Morning After – Interview with Victoria Pilger

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Literary Report: An all-female cast for a new production of Julius Caesar


This week, on the Tuesday Morning AfterJeffrey Mackie, host of the Literary Report, talks with Amanda Kellock, the artistic director of the new all-female production of Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Julius Caesar produced by Repercussion Theatre

LISTEN >> Tuesday Morning After – Interview with Amanda Kellock

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Climate Change Report / Ep. 1 – What is the difference between Global Warming and Climate Change?

Climate Change

On this first episode of the Climate Change Report, the Monday Morning After talked with Donald McLennan, the Head of the Monitoring Canadian High Arctic Research Station.

Donald explained what is the difference between Climate Change and Global Warming, how Global Warming happens, why Climate Change is hard to predict, how Global Warming is affecting the Arctic, and much more!

The Climate Change Report is a weekly magazine that airs every Monday on the Monday Morning After show at 8h30am.

LISTEN >> Monday Morning After – Climate Change Report #1

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