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A Turtleship at the “End” of Time: Interview with Émilie Monnet on “Tsekan” at OFFTA 2016

9309_TSEKAN_Waawaate Fobister_Crédit_Joni-LoukaWaawaate Fobister. Photo by Joni-Louka

“Tsekan”  moves between non equivocal assertions of our age as the anthropocene age and looking at Anishinaabe myths of the Seven Fire Prophecies that have always been prescient visions of our anthropocene reality. Here, in “Tsekan” are the elaborations of (counter-) myths as alternative cosmologies to our present global Western visions of where we are, where we are going, and how we can act. As in Davi Kopenawa’s “The Falling Sky”, there is a “performing narrative” of this particular fall of man – our fall and the elaboration of story as an infusion into an already deliberately singular worldview. Enter, with Tsekan, the possibility of  mutuality, a poetic of relations, and reciprocity, into a world of simple binaries – death/life, destruction/creation, ugliness/beauty. No longer grasping at the reduced capacity one has in accepting such simple binaries, and instead finding axis’ from which to reposition ourselves in how we live and operate in our present world. The crossroads, as one can acknowledge them as historical conjunctions, but also realizing crossroads (and the historical conjunctions we are at) as places to try and consider another way of seeing and being. The Canadian government’s  commitment to address a past wrong remain governmental. Citizen initiatives  remain the key to plot a new course. Citizen initiatives to look at where we are and where we go remain the steadfast and necessary course for reconstituting our civil societies – where and how we go.. Enter citizen initiatives (theatre) like “Tsekan” presenting profusion, multiplicity, and new oneiric “realisms”. Necessary ceremonies in critical times.

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Rendez-vous de la Francophonie on the Monday Morning After at CKUT!

Have you been following the Rendez-vous de la Francophonie podcast series every week on the Monday Morning After Show?

Rendez-vous de la Francophonie is an annual celebration of Canada’s membership in the Francophonie and promotes the French language and its numerous cultural expressions.

To help celebrate Rendez-vous de la Francophonie, 22 NCRA member stations, among them CKUT 90.3Fm, participated in producing 30 minutes of audio which will be aired across the producing stations and offered to other NCRA stations.

So tune-in every Monday at 7am on the Monday Morning After Show to listen to the latest episode of this series!

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Lendemain de la Veille – Jeudi 26 Mai, 2016

Cette Semaine sur le Lendemain de La veille:

Festival BD de Montréal / les Bathroom Bills aux Etats-Unis / le film Demain / le festival Fringe   / la campagne #100LaScience  :)

listen Lendemain de la veille – Émission du 26 Mai 2016


Ramon Vitesse nous a présenté deux BDs et nous a parlé du Festival BD de Montréal et de la campagne de socio financement de Trip.


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About Town May 17-May 31

Learn about the latest events taking place in Montreal:


World’s only Anarchist Theatre kicks off in Montreal / New Interactive Bike Tour explores struggles and gentrification / Sound installation captures silence / Syria Sees You at Cinémathèque / 2 book presentations on mothering, birth and activism / Live performances and Fundraising picnic by Missing Justice, and much more!

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