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Tuesday Morning After interviews Andy Williams about his upcoming McGill course “The Black Oral Tradition”, April 14, 2015

Andy Williams. Photo by Anita Schoepp

Andy Williams. Photo by Anita Schoepp

After the success of his first two classes at McGill’s School of Continuing Studies, “The Diaspora of Jazz” and “Jazz and the Civil Rights Movement,” acclaimed artist, activist, educator, Andy Williams, came back on the show to spread the word about his next class, called, The Black Oral Tradition: The Culture, Politics, and Identity of Hip Hop. We talked to Andy about the roots of hip hop in Kingston, Jamaica and the Bronx, and how what began as a new language for the plight and passions of the oppressed became a phenomenon with incredible power the world over. Williams speaks from experience, and it’s hard not to learn something when you listen to him.

Part I.

Part II.

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