Direct Action by Greenpeace Activists at Pipeline Oil Terminal

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 5.42.37 PM

Charlie O’Connor co-host of the Friday Morning After show talks with Keith Stewart, head of the climate campaign Greenpeace Canada, about the recent direct action organized by Greenpeace activists at the oil terminal of the Line 9B pipeline where tanks are filled with tar sands oil. The action took place on Dec 5th in Montreal.

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Poids du Profit, un magazine de solidarité ouvrière: Épisode 2


Pour ce deuxième épisode, le Poids du Profit a discuté avec Noé Ricardo Arteaga Santos, du du Centre des Travailleurs et Travailleuses Immigrants, à propos de la situation des travailleuses et travailleurs temporaires au Québec, et puis avec Bernard Thibault, auteur du livre ‘La troisième Guerre Mondiale et Sociale’.

Poids du Profit est un magazine mensuel produit par le CISO – Centre international de solidarité ouvrière, et diffusé chaque 2ème Jeudi du mois de 8h30 à 9h sur le Lendemain de la Veille.

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Moving Picture Radio: Upcoming Screenings in Montreal


Here’s the list of the screenings that Sami Malki, host of the Moving Picture Radio, talked about this week:

- Intervention Divine by Palestinian filmmaker Elia Suleiman at Cinémathèque québécoise [2002] >>> (Dec. 08, 9pm)

- Docteur Mabuse, le joueur 2: Inferno, un jeu de nos contemporains by Austrian-German filmmaker Fritz Lang [1922] >>> (Dec. 09, 7pm)

- Gimme Danger by American filmmaker Jim Jarmusch, with Iggy Pop, Ron Asheton and Mike Watt at Phi Centre [2016] >>> (Dec. 10, 7h30pm)

- Les Trois Lumières (Der müde Tod) by Austrian-German filmmaker Fritz Lang at Cinémathèque québécoise [1921] >>> (Dec. 16, 7pm)

The Moving Picture Radio is a weekly film-focused magazine that airs every wednesday on the Wednesday Morning After show at 8h30am.

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Students against newly approved Kinder Morgan Pipeline


Sheila Ferrando from the Wednesday Morning After show talked with Daniel Horen Greenford, research director of the Rapid Decarbonization Group, and Jed Lenetsky, an organizer at Divest McGill, about the newly approved and controversial Kinder Morgan Tar Sands pipeline.

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Solidarity with the Warrior Women and all Water Protectors

 radical women

Tiffany Lam from the Tuesday Morning After talked this morning with 2 seattle-based community organizers who were recently at Standing Rock, Gina Petry from Radical Women Seattle Branch and Patrick Burns from Freedom Socialist Party – U.S.

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“I can’t fight this monster all by myself”


Could unwanted projects on Indigenous land become grounds for ‘breach of contract’ charges against Canada in the International Criminal Court?

Charlie O’Connor from the Friday Morning After show talked with Grand Chief Serge Otsi Simon from the Mohawk Council of Kanesatake about the Treaty Alliance Against Tar Sands Expansion and the recent Trudeal/Liberal approval of two tar sands pipelines: Enbridge Line 3, to Minnesota, and the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain to Vancouver.

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Bloodworks: New CKUT magazine focuses on HIV/AIDS


This Monday our new Concordia student interns, Greg Todaro, Tinah Dembele, John Maclellan and Alejo Briones, co-hosted their first episode of Bloodworks!

Bloodworks is a new radio magazine that focuses on topics, news and discussions related to HIV-AIDS. It will be airing on the Monday Morning After show every 1st and 3d Monday of the month.

The magazine is a collaboration between CKUT radio and Concordia’s HIV/AIDS Project.

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Out of the Fog : Reclaim Yourself!

Out of the Fog

The latest episode of Out of the Fog, “Reclaim Yourself”, is about adoptees/children of adoptees reclaiming their personal stories and histories through art and advocacy. Infused with humor and wit, our conversations will leave you mesmerized by their intelligence, eloquence and courage!!

Out of the FOG is an adoption-focused magazine that airs every first Friday of the month at 8h30am on CKUT 90.3FM as part of the Friday Morning After show.


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About Town: December 2016

December Listings!
Learn about the latest events taking place in Montreal: (This list is constantly updated throughout the month)

//Meet Stuart Marshall: Art, Activism, and The AIDS Crisis (Dec. 01)
//Poetry Night with the Center for Expanded Poetics (Dec. 01)
//Étrangers communs / Common Aliens: Diaspora in Time – Vernissage (Dec. 02)
//Qtbipoc Montreal Ancestor Night (Dec. 03)
//Marché Artisanal / Arts Market  (Dec. 03)
//Projection : The Lost Tapes du Hip Hop au Québec de Will Prosper (Déc. 03)
//Vente de doubles 2016 Duplicate Book Sale (Dec. 03)
//Can the Subaltern Read? La subalternité peut-elle lire? (Dec. 03)
//Bizaare Bazaar (Dec. 3 – 4)
//Major! – Montreal screening w/Jef Ellise Barbara! (Dec. 05)
//A Panel on Community Radio: Checking the Pulse (Dec. 06)
//A TOUCH of ZEN de King Hu présenté par Panorama-cinema (Déc. 07)
//C’EST ÇA QUI EST ÇA – Une exposition de Marie-Claude Marquis (Déc. 08)
//Marché underground vintage & d’artisans (Dec. 09)
// The VOID “3 AM” Launch (Dec. 9)
//Emmanuel Madan / Secret Keeper (Mary Halvorson et Stephen Crump) (Dec. 09)
//Two Horses: Tattoos & Hair Cuts for Project 10 (Dec. 12)
//Macrame Hanging Terrariums Workshop! (Dec. 12)
//Session info & clinique juridique pour personnes trans migrantes (Dec. 12)
//Première soirée-bénéfice de la Librairie Racines (Déc. 15)

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